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Douglas Bartolme

Ahoy! My name is Doug. I’m a composer, sound designer, and music instructor. I’ve taught piano and music theory lessons for over 10 years, working with students of all backgrounds and ages, in both private sessions and classrooms of over 20 students. I hold a masters degree in music composition for film and games at New York University, and a bachelors degree in music theory and composition at Chapman University (Orange, CA). I’ve performed in rock bands and other various ensembles, including university orchestras. Music has been an immeasurable source of joy and meaning in my life, and I’m thrilled to share this passion with you!  

"Put all your soul into it, play the way you feel."

- Frederic Chopin


"Patient, talented, and all around nice guy. You and/or your kids are guaranteed to love him. My kids have been learning piano from Doug for 2 years after switching from a music studio and we’ve never looked back."
January Lopez
"Doug taught our nine year old daughter the fundamentals of piano in a flexible, nurturing environment. He uses his mastery of piano to focus effortlessly on the student. Thanks Doug."
Drew Graham
"I enjoyed having Douglas teach my son. So patient and flexible and eager to get him involved and interested in the music. He even wrote up some parts so my older son could play along with his saxophone. He is great!"
Marti Cope
"Very pleased with my lessons from Douglas! Between teaching me piano and music fundamentals, he is constantly making me laugh!"
Jessica Borah
"Doug is a great teacher and very patient! He is also extremely flexible with scheduling!"
Samantha Hout

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